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    Anxiety Disorders
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    Anxiety has become a part and parcel of today’s world. It manifests with feeling of nervousness, increased heart beat (palpitations), tremors, sweating, heaviness in chest, difficulty in breathing and a fear that one will pass out. It can also present with excessive worries. There are many types of anxiety disorders, such as Panic disorder: Here, the patient presents with acute and intense episodes of anxiety symptoms and often feels that he might be having a fatal condition such as heart attack or stroke. Such patients often go to physicians or cardiologists first, however despite multiple investigations, no physical cause can be found. Social anxiety disorders:Here, patient has intense symptoms of anxiety in social situations (such as a meeting, interview, presentation or social gathering). Patient often feels that he will do something embarrassing and others will laugh at him. Patients may avoid social situations because of such fears Generalised anxiety disorder:It is another common anxiety disorder, in which person has excessive worries about every small issue. They feel almost always tensed and restless and may keep on predicting that something bad will happen with them. Phobias:Phobia are excessive and irrational fear of objects or situations. One of the commonest type of phobia is agoraphobia in which patient feels uncomfortable in crowded, closed or public places and feels that he would not be able to run out of such places, if something were to happen. Patients may present with fear of travelling alone, taking flights, fear of animals, fear of closed places etc. Anxiety disorders can be easily treated with the help of medications and psychotherapy (counselling) Take the following online test to see if you have symptoms of Anxiety
    Schizophrenia and other Psychotic Disorders
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    Schizophrenia is a severe mental illness that is characterised by presence of delusions (false beliefs) and hallucinations. Following are the common symptoms: Suspiciousness that someone wants to harm the patient. Accusing family members/neighbours/relatives etc of plotting a conspiracy or doing black magic etc. Belief that someone is following the patient or that people are talking about a patient Talking to self, laughing to self Poor hygiene, poor sleep Decline in performance at office or studies. Schizophrenia needs long term medical treatment. However many a times patient refuses to accept that he has an illness and also refuses to take medicines. In such cases, injectable medications can be used (which are administered once a month)
    Erectile dysfunction
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    It is characterised by inability to achieve or maintain erection required for sexual intercourse. It may result from disturbances of blood flow to the penis, neurological causes or in many cases, performance anxiety. Its important to properly evaluate the cause of erectile dysfunction and treat it. Taking over the counter medicines may help in the short term but does’t help in resolution of problem.